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In-depth customer insights

The challenge for modern e-commerce and other online services is to truly understand the behaviour of customers during their online journeys.

In order to understand ‘why’ something has happened there are infinite segmentation possibilities based on devices, operating systems, browsers, page views, basket values, time spent in fields/pages, buttons clicked, navigation choices, and more.

Traditional web analytics require decisions in advance about what data is created.

Reveal your obstacles to revenue

Based on our experience the majority of online services have undetected customer experience obstacles that result in immediate and continuing financial losses.

DEEP VISION is ruthless at revealing issues because it mines everything directly from each customer interaction. There is no guesswork, no estimation.

Undetected issues are commonly within

  • Conversion problems
  • Site navigation issues
  • Payment failures
  • Effectiveness of product content
  • Technical faults
  • Device-based behaviour
  • Search effectiveness

Powerful data mining

DEEP VISION is a sophisticated SaaS data mining solution that provides visibility into the behaviour of your visitors and the issues they experience.

With the combination of our software and our expert consultancy, we offer best practice in identifying and qualifying how your online service is performing and how this affects your customers and business revenue.

Our philosophy is that the key to your online business success lies within your customers’ online behavioural data.

With DEEP VISION you will:

  • Identify where customers have issues and how this impacts your business financially
  • Define segments of customers with specific behaviours
  • Reduce the time taken to fix technical errors by up to 60%
  • Build enhanced data sets of customers’ online interactions

DEEP VISION will help you to prioritise the actions you need to take to optimise your online service. You will make bottom line savings and increase sales.

A modular approach

We have developed unique software modules that drive extended data capture and data transformation. DEEP VISION gathers and manipulates data to provide an easy-to-use data schema, which results in intuitive and actionable reporting.


The Struggle module in Deep Vision scores the quality of every recorded customer visit. It also provides technical and commercial tracking with live alerts.

This module breaks down the web domain being monitored into functional units based on the process being tracked.


The Surveillance module provides a plethora of reports and live alerts on trends and issues in your online service.

It tracks the commercial and technical processes that need constant monitoring in order to investigate how your online service is performing.


The Money Tracking module in Deep Vision identifies how online customer struggle and success are impacting revenue and conversion.

This module is able to profile segments of users and determine their monetary value to your business. It is possible to measure every customer visit and step.


Send us your contact details to request a Proof of Concept (PoC) for your online service.

A DEEP VISION PoC costs €6,000 (ex-VAT) including set up, consulting and automated identification of typically 1-3 issues with your online service.

A typical Proof of Concept lasts from 1-2 weeks.

The PoC is designed to show how Deep Vision can add value to you in areas such as:

  • Finding friction points in your webshop that damage the revenue
  • Producing data for the wider business on online customer behaviour
  • Identifying potential UX design issues

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