Our mission

We want to simplify the digital world to make a better tomorrow.

We are an insightful and dedicated team of experts. We are passionate and humble listeners, driven by the desire for the best customer understanding.

We make customer success stories with remarkable experiences and solutions that deliver lasting value.

More than 550 experts

Our experts operate in six countries. We develop and implement solutions for clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Our customers rely on us for strategic knowledge and advice in the fields of e-commerce, online analytics, marketing automation, AI and machine learning.

A key focus for our business is to help our customers to the best of our ability, and to get the best out of collaboration with our business partners. Therefore, we make sure that our staff are appropriately trained, and certified to relevant industry standards.

We work on our projects in a repeatable and structured manner. This guarantees an optimal project process.


Deep Vision is part of Solteq Plc’s SaaS offering.

Solteq Plc is listed on the NASDAQ HELSINKI and specialises in digital customer engagement. We are the partner that knows what it takes to win in digital disruption, regardless of our customer’s industry.

We offer comprehensive solutions for successfully digitalising business and for omnicommerce: from back end processes, all the way to the customer purchase experience, and from supply chain management to digital marketing.

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